First City Capital manages both equity and fixed income portfolios. However, for most clients we emphasize a balanced approach. We allocate assets among stocks, bonds, and cash reserves based on the firm’s strategy with respect to the debt and equity markets.

Our equity style focuses primarily on growth at reasonable prices (GARP). Special emphasis is placed on analyzing a company’s financial strength, its operating exposure to international markets, as well as its long term strategic goals. Also, of equal importance is the competence and integrity of the company’s management.

We believe the role of fixed income management is primarily to satisfy income requirements and to reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility. Our approach is value oriented with issue selection focusing upon the identification of inefficiencies in the market sectors, as well as inconsistencies along the yield curve. In implementing this strategy, we maintain a strong preference for quality and liquidity.

First City Capital’s goal is to provide a combination of strong investment results with a high degree of personal service. We focus on the needs of each client, and structure their portfolio taking into consideration market conditions, time horizons, cash flow requirements and other variables.