Assets are allocated based on a broad overview of economic, political, and financial market trends. Our decisions are client-driven, and reflect our judgement of the relative attractiveness of common stocks to bonds and money market instruments.

The investment decision-making process underscores a team approach. First City Capital Management is not a bureaucracy. There are no committees to hinder our efficiency and flexibility. Our structure relies heavily on our professionals, each of whom brings discipline, judgement, and experience to the management process. However, portfolio managers have latitude not autonomy. Clients are not diverted into any pooled funds. Instead, they are served directly by a principal of the firm.

We emphasize fundamental analysis combined with a compliment of technical research to help guide us when to be more defensive or opportunistic.

First City Capital Management has a communication network as well as a research aggregation service which provides us with immediate access to client information, timely security reports, current economic and political developments. Also, our database allows us to retrieve historical financial information and valuation criteria on a broad universe of companies.